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Dr. Birendranath Banerjee has been researching on clinical genetics since 1999 and after finishing his education with a post-doctoral stint; he came back to India and started collaborating with clinicians to know various lacunae in Molecular Diagnostics in India. With his rich experience in the last 2 decades he set up inDNA Life Sciences with a goal for establishing a dynamic translational platform to personalize predict and prevent diseases at the Molecular level of DNA or inDNA.He has been funded for various projects in the last 10 years from the Government agencies and he has been correlating his techniques and methods which are developed and patented by him and his team to offer as a DNA based Diagnostic tools for detecting various conditions.

The Research and Development unit of inDNA Life Sciences is the back bone of the company as all other divisions are completely dependent on the R&D infrastructure and vision of the Company.

inDNA Life Sciences Pvt. Ltd is a Department of Scientific and Industrial Research Government of India (DSIR Certified and NABL) Accredited DNA based Molecular Diagnostics, Research and training organization which specializes on Genetics based research and Diagnostics. inDNA Life Sciences is the first NABL accredited Diagnostics Laboratory with validated platforms for Cytogenetics, Fluorescent in-situ Hybridization(FISH), PCR, RT -PCR, Sanger Sequencing and Next Generation Sequencing(NGS). The organization has three distinct domains of operations such as Diagnostics, Research and Training.

Diagnostics :

The diagnostic division of inDNA life sciences are sub-categorized into four groups namely :

Histopathology Section :

Histopathology concentrates on the morphological aspects of the study of disease. As an adjunct to pathology, molecular techniques are incorporated to identify specific mutants in diseases, provide more accurate means of disease diagnosis, define the role of differential gene expression in disease etiology and provide personalized medicine approaches to therapy. In the era of personalized medicine, the basis of treatment plans is now built around the patient, the disease itself and how to manage the prognosis and therapy response such as cancer.

One of the histological basis of molecular assays is immunohistochemistry (IHC). IHC has the ability to confine tissue cell proteins and project molecular assays and treatment plans to better manage the patient’s cancer. The use of IHC to study cellular markers that often identify certain phenotypes can provide vital diagnostic, prognostic and predictive information important to disease biology.inDNA Life Sciences also offers customizable IHC panels for final diagnosis along with single marker diagnosis.

Molecular Section :

inDNA Life Sciences is well equipped withhigh-end instrumentation facilities such as PCR, RT-PCR, Sanger-sequencing platform and an NGS based platform for detection of disease parameters of certain diseases. In this section we regularly perform mutation analysis of a particular gene or a panel of genes based on the requirement of the clinician. We also perform carrier screening assays for diseases like beta-thalassemia, sickle cell anemia in this section. We cater our servicesto surgical oncologists, gynecologists, pediatrics, by performing custom made tests through indigenously developed panels at inDNA Life Sciences. We practice personalized and precision medicine in this section and help in better disease management.

Cytogenetics Section :

Cytogenetics is the study of chromosomes that carry genetic information, the basic units of heredity. Chromosome disorders, a major category of genetic disease, are caused by errors in the number or structure in one or more genes, resulting in congenital malformations, developmental delay/intellectual disability, infertility and other abnormalities. In addition to the study of these disorders, cytogenetics has become an important tool in the diagnosis of patients with hematologic/oncologic disorders, and is used for disease classification, treatment decisions, and to monitor disease status and recovery. This section includes staff members with expertise in cytogenetics and molecular genetic pathology. Cytogenetic studies include traditional techniques for neoplastic disorders, solid tumors and congenital disorders. In addition, high-resolution chromosome analysis and fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH) are available on a variety of specimen types, including peripheral blood, bone marrow and tissue investigations. Chromosomal microarray is the latest technology to be added in our laboratory and is currently offered as a first-tier test in various pediatric indications including multiple congenital anomalies, intellectual disability and autism spectrum disorders. Together with our cytogenetics medical technologists and genetic counselor, this team is committed to providing the highest quality cytogenetic analysis available to complement your clinical practice. Accuracy, quality, reliable turnaround time, expert staff, and genetic counseling are all significant features of this section.

Wellness Section :

To assess an individual's genetic risk, we take into account multiple factors such as relationship of genetics and genomics towards health, prevention, screening, treatment and monitoring. inDNA Life Sciences, focuses on specific and unique genetic codes using an indigenously developed complex algorithm based on the Indian genetic database of diverse ethnic population. These genetic codes are essentially linked to key phenotypes that are of significant concern of the modern society. We carefully analyze your genetic data to help you not only understand your genetic build-up but also to help you make necessary and possible modifications towards a healthier tomorrow.

Research and development (R&D) :

Research and development (R&D): inDNA Life Sciences Pvt. Ltd. is a research driven organization striding forward for developing indigenous assays for Indian population through the constant inputs of the R&D team. The R&D division of inDNA Life Sciences is termed as “inDNA Center for Research and Innovation in Molecular Diagnostics”. inDNA Life Sciences has taken the first steps to personalize disease management by offering a range of DNA based solutions, to a range of clinical problems, in the fields of Cytogenetics, Cancer, Genetic Disorders, and Mendelian defects. We as a R&D unit have been able to publish articles in various reputed journals.

Training :

In this division, the organization has designed hands on training programs for Masters, and Undergraduate students of Life Sciences from various colleges and institutions of Bhubaneswar and Odisha. They are offered different training programs such as Fluorescent in-situ Hybridization (FISH) based Cancer diagnostics, Cytogenetics and Karyotyping which has practical and translational importance for securing Jobs in the Diagnostics and R&D based Companies. The duration of such training programs varies from 7 days to Six months. InDNA also offers training to young faculties from Medical colleges in Molecular Pathology, Cancer Genetics, Hematological malignancies, Infertility and Prenatal Diagnosis. inDNA Life Sciences has also active collaboration with various Hospitals, Healthcare companies where it can recommend the trained students for placement and specialized Jobs. The company has also signed MOUs with all the leading health care institutions and Hospitals of Eastern India to promote next generation Biotechnology based Diagnostics and Disease management, which is known as Personalized Medicine. inDNA Life Sciences as a platform is also associated with AIIMS, ICMR RMRC and ILS for offering accredited courses and super specialized training programs. Instrumentation facilities at inDNA Life Sciences private limited

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